UMCG Research

More healthy years
More healthy years
Our research is driven by the overall ambition to advance health and well-being by conducting cutting-edge research on health-determining factors, disease mechanisms and novel prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that contribute to societal and technical innovations.
Our multidisciplinary approach is unique, and benefits from a strong synergy between fundamental, translational, clinical, and public health scientists.

To enable such an innovative research strategy, we:
  • aim to provide an inspiring research environment to all researchers;
  • facilitate and support interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, both within and outside the UMCG;
  • encourage and support our research community towards valorisation and societal outreach
  • are committed to provide strong support and training for PhD students and postdocs; and
  • conduct our research in accordance with the prevailing ethical standards as formulated in the research code of the University of Groningen and the UMCG. 

Research institutes

The UMCG research occurs within the context of three research institutes:


  1. To promote public health and clinical care by facilitating high-quality research aimed at understanding and predicting health trajectories; preventing the onset, relapse or negative consequences of disorders and improving the treatment and care of patients.
  2. Foster innovative research in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies aimed at advancing personalized care.
  3. To better understand the mechanisms underlying health, how they contribute to aging and disease when perturbed, and possibility to develop novel therapeutic strategies that restore their normal activity.