We aim to provide solutions for the unmet medical needs of patients with vasculitis. To achieve this, we study the underlying mechanisms of vasculitis.

Knowledge will be used for improved early diagnosis, disease monitoring and personalised treatment aiming at treatment-free remission and healthy ageing.

Our main fields of interest are:

  • Early diagnosis preferably in a fast track diagnostic work-up
  • Early induction of remission via early intervention and tight control
  • Alternative (glucocorticoid-sparing) personalised treatments to prevent glucocorticoid toxicity
  • Development and validation of disease activity scores, including patient-related outcome measures
  • Investigation of biomarkers which can predict the disease course and severity
  • Prevention of irreversible vascular and organ damage
  • Return of the patient to a healthy state

How our research benefits society

We focus on improving the well-being of patients with vasculitis. Adequate tailored treatments for vasculitis patients are highly needed to preserve the quality of life of (often elderly) patients with vasculitis. We work with patients to identify their needs, by working together with patients we developed a patient-centered care path at the vasculitis expertise center in Groningen.

  • We contribute to the development of international guidelines for the management of vasculitis patients and measures for patient-reported outcomes.

    We develop new blood tests and imaging tools to determine how the vasculitis responds to treatment.

  • In close collaboration with other centers, we organise the best care at the right place for all vasculitis patients in the Netherlands.

    We lead investigator-initiated multicenter trials and contribute to multicenter international trials on novel therapies (Tocilizumab, mavrilumab)


Elisabeth Brouwer Internist Rheumatologist translational Immunology

Vasculitis Expertise Centrum