Grant Support: What’s the added value?

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A large amount of research nowadays depends on competitive grant-based funding. That’s where the support for researchers makes a difference. I am Laura Damiano and I am a funding advisor at the UMCG Grant Support Hub (GSH), which is the prime go-to point for any grant-related issues. We use our expertise to increase researchers’ chances of funding, and to take some of the tasks off their shoulders. Last year, we interviewed 16 researchers to find out what kind of support they value and what they struggle with most.

Timely support

Researchers we interviewed are happy with and appreciate the quality of our support. We are approachable and always answer their requests, without leaving open questions. We try to arrange support for them and to find the correct answer. If we do not have the answer, we address them to the right people, either within the UMCG or outside. 

Tailored support

Our team provides a wide range of support to researchers from grant matching support to hands-on support, review, strategic support and help with internal grant-related processes We can arrange support for personal or consortium grants either through the pool of talented in-house project managers or external companies. One of the added value of having in-house project managers is that we are easily approachable and flexible. If they want to meet with us we can easily arrange a meeting with them to discuss issues and tasks. In the years we have gained expertise on several topics, each of us specializes on a slightly different one, so that we can address a broad kind of requests. 


Thanks to the interviews, we have been able not only to understand what our researchers value but also what they are struggling with. For example, one of the issues that was expressed by several people is their difficulty in finding and connecting to partners, especially non-academic partners. We have listened to them and are now improving and trying to support them more in that direction.   

A trustworthy relationship

We have been and are still building with researchers a trustworthy and long-term relationship, which is highly appreciated by them: they know how to reach us and they do so because they value our support. On our side, we really enjoy helping them with their project proposals by making their brilliant research ideas come true. 
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