Consortium ROBUST receives NWO funding for research into reliable AI

Research funder NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) will fund two consortia, each with a duration of ten years. The UMCG participates in the ROBUST (Trustworthy AI-based systems for sustainable growth) consortium. With a total of more than 95 million euros, ROBUST will carry out research into reliable artificial intelligence (AI) over the next ten years.
Consortium ROBUST receives NWO funding for research into reliable AI

Reliable Artificial Intelligence

To deliver on the promise that artificial intelligence contributes to today's societal challenges, trust in the interaction between people and systems based on artificial intelligence is a central component. The ROBUST consortium, coordinated by Maarten de Rijke (UvA/ICAI), wants to conduct multi-year research into reliable AI, in terms of accuracy, reliability, repeatability, resilience and security. ROBUST brings together 21 knowledge institutes, including 4 universities of applied sciences, 23 co-funding industrial partners, and 10 societal organisations. 

Healthcare, in particular, is strongly represented in the consortium with 8 of a total of 17 AI labs. Together with RadboudUMC and the University of Twente, UMCG is involved in an ICAI lab of Siemens Healthineers. In these ICAI labs, research is done into e.g how MRI images can be used even smarter and how even more information can be extracted with AI. Professor dr. Bram van Ginneken (co-PI, RadboudUMC), dr. Henkjan Huisman (RadboudUMC), dr. Derya Yakar (UMCG), and dr. Thomas Kwee (UMCG), will work together in close collaboration in one of these ICAI labs. 

Long-Term Programme NWO

Long-Term Programmes of NWO provide a powerful stimulus to the development of a scientific field focused on a societal theme or key technology. With this programme NWO offers a sustainable funding option for structural collaboration between public and private parties and knowledge institutions. In the first round of Long-Term Programmes (KIC 2020-2023), two consortia, including ROBUST, have been selected to further develop their research plans for the next 10 years.

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