Webinar: Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs)

The Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs) approach uses infrastructures (cohorts) to facilitate the conduct of multiple randomised controlled trials.

The TwiCs approach is being adopted by researchers working in diverse settings, including primary care and specialized hospitals, to study a broad range of medical conditions.

Key features of the TwiCs design are:   

  • A large observational cohort of people with the condition 
  • Repeated measurement of outcomes for the whole cohort 
  • Capacity for multiple randomised controlled trials over time 
  • Patient-centred informed consent 

The Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub (CBCH) invited Dr. Lois Daamen (Clinical Epidemiologist and Post-doctoral researcher at the UMC Utrecht) to introduce the Trials within Cohorts approach, explain the benefits and share experiences and results. 


What: Webinar Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs)
Date: Tuesday October 31st, 2023   
Time: 12:00 – 13:00   
Location: Online  
Questions? Contact: [email protected]