Webinar: Population Health Data NL
Population Health Data NL (PHDNL) provides a public infrastructure that provides access to health and healthcare data in a uniform way across multiple health-related fields - from healthcare providers to municipalities and environmental data. It also offers a repository where developers can share tools and applications to be used for health policy research.

Developers, researchers, and policymakers are connected in a learning community. The goal is to provide efficient and effective tools and resources for everyone working towards more healthy years using data-enabled approaches.

Meet our speakers 

Prof. dr. Jochen Mierau, Professor of Public Health Economics (RUG) 

Jochen is Scientific Director at the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and professor of public health economics at the University of Groningen. His research is at the intersection between public health and health economics and aims to provide data-driven insights into health disparities within and between socioeconomic groups. He works closely with societal stakeholders to bridge the gap between science, policy, and practice.

Maarten den Braber, Lead Monitoring (HealthKIC) 

Maarten is Lead Monitoring at HealthKIC. HealthKIC focuses on implementing Population Health Management in The Netherlands (“Kavelmodel”). Population Health Management uses data from multiple domains to monitor health behaviors and do risk stratification. Maarten is also the founder of Nexthealth (digital health strategy) and Innovation Lead for Patient Center Innovation at the University Medical Center Groningen.

This webinar has already taken place. You can watch the webinar here.