UMCG partner in advanced national microscopy infrastructure

The NWO invests 25 million EUR in the NL-BioImaging network to create an advanced microscopy infrastructure. NL-BI is a multi-sited collaboration of all 18 Dutch universities, medical academic centers and research institutes. The UMCG led by Ben Giepmans will have a prominent role in data management and data analysis.

Advanced microscopy to understand life and fight disease: that’s the goal of the new NL-BioImaging network that will develop and integrate state-of-the-art microscopy technologies and services. 

Giepmans leads the project in data management and analysis. 'In 2006 the UMCG decided to establish an advanced microscopy centre, a facility with now about 20 instruments. Facilitating common top-notch technology and innovation are the focus here.  One innovation is Google earth-like technology applied to patient material: zooming down to the square nanometre in tissue (, as well as combining light and electron microscopy to analyse the data. As this leads to gigapixel datasets, data management and data analysis is crucial, and this data must be as universal as possible (inter)nationally. The UMCG microscopy centre has taken the initiative to coordinate these data challenges nationally. In the previously awarded NEMI project, and now also in NL-BI, the UMCG has an important role, and funding, for data scientists for better FAIR data management and data analysis in the NL-BioImaging consortium.