UMCG Internal Public-Private Partnerships Innovation Subsidy Scheme - Pilot Call 2024

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Are you a UMCG researcher, interested in working with SMEs in innovative research? The UMCG's PPP Innovation Subsidy Scheme may be the right tool to unlock the potential of joint impactful collaborations!
PPP Innovation Subsidy Pilot Call 2024

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy stimulates public–private partnerships (PPP) via the PPP Allowance program for Research and Innovation made available by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) and managed by the communication portal Health Holland. A new framework titled “Public-Private Partnership Innovation Subsidy” will be launched from 2025, with a transition phase in 2024. (See our earlier article).

The UMCG Innovation Center launches a Pilot Call 2024 for UMCG researchers interested in starting new, joint Research & Development projects, in collaboration with private parties, with focus on Dutch Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The Pilot Call 2024 aims to encourage industrial research, with high level of societal, scientific, and economic impact on the region of Northern Netherlands. A budget of 1.7M EUR is available for this program with substantial financial opportunities for SMEs.

General terms of the UMCG Pilot Call 2024

The scheme is structured as a deadline-based Call, with two application phases as follows:

  • The pre-application (deadline: 01/08/2024)
    The Call opens on April 2, 2024. Potential applicants are invited to reach out to [email protected] for a first intake and the detailed introduction of the Call. If the project idea fits, the applicant should fill out a pre-application form and a preliminary budget. The complete pre-application can be submitted at any time before 01/08/2024.
  • The full application (deadline: 15/11/2024)
    The positively assessed pre-applications are invited to submit a full application and the additional forms required by 15/11/2024.

Funding criteria

Subsidised projects are asked to demonstrate tangible impact-generating outcomes, matched to demand-driven industrial applications and delivered as a result of equal involvement of consortium partners.

With regard to the financial terms, the UMCG may use the PPP subsidy to cover a maximum of 70% of costs of fundamental/industrial research and a maximum of 60% of costs in the case of experimental development. Importantly, SMEs will also be able to receive PPP subsidy to finance the R&D activities of the project. Dutch SMEs may finance a maximum of 60% of their R&D costs with PPP subsidy in the case of fundamental/industrial research and a maximum of 40% of their R&D costs in the case of experimental development.

More information? 

Informative sessions for UMCG researchers will be announced in April and May 2024. The detailed information on the Call procedures and requirements can be found at: The PPP Allowance Program (

Potential applicants are invited to reach out to [email protected]
A business developer (BD) from the Innovation Center will assist applicants during the proposal's preparation and negotiations with the private party.