U4Society Network Strengthen our international position in research and education within the EU and abroad. Network
We provide a supportive platform for joint cooperative initiatives in the field of education, research and institutional management, and offer a solid framework for cooperation as preferential partners in international projects and contexts.

The U4Society Network is an European University Network of Ghent University (BE), University of Göttingen (DE), University of Groningen (NL), University of Tartu (EE), and Uppsala University (SE). The partnership stands for a preferential, but not exclusive cooperation in European and International projects, for the development of joint initiatives in research and education, and for the organisation and promotion of staff and student exchange.

Through our network, we aim to broaden the partner universities' educational offer, facilitate and enhance the U4Society students' international experiences, strengthen the research output, and share knowledge and pooling resources within the field of university management.

In addition, we provide education based on the overarching European values and principles of human rights, openness, and democracy, actively promoting universities' rights to autonomy, academic freedom, and sustainability, as well as strongly advocating the notion of European citizens.

Our activities are organized within 5 thematic clusters


Michiel H.W. Hooiveld, PhD Staff/Policy Advisor and Liaison Officer, Research Office and Data Science Center in Health (DASH)