Gynaecological cancers have a devastating effect on women and their families. We strive to improve prevention, detection and treatment for women with gynaecological cancers, reducing mortality and improving quality of life.

To achieve our goal of healthy ageing for all women, we study the heritable nature of gynaecological cancers, how the first abnormal cells progress towards a cancer cell, and how we can intervene at any stage of this process.

We work together as a team of laboratory scientists and medical doctors to

  • improve treatment outcome through early detection, genetic and epigenetic screening;

  • develop novel targeted therapies in the laboratory;
  • improve patient care through clinical trials and development of national and international guidelines.

We directly benefit our patients

Based on our research, we initiate clinical trials aimed to prevent or eliminate cancer. Our trials combine the best standard of care with novel therapies, including immunotherapy and intra-operative imaging. Our studies shape clinical best practices to directly benefit our patients.

By studying gynaecological cancer in the laboratory,

  • we uncover new features of cancer cells that can be targeted for therapy or early detection;
  • we accelerate drug discovery by creating laboratory models of cancer that better capture the complexity of a human tumour;
  • we translate our results into new therapies for patients or into diagnostics for early detection.


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