NWO grant for Healthy AI Lab: Better detection and treatment of prostate cancer

NWO is putting 25 million euros into the ROBUST (Trustworthy AI-based systems for sustainable growth) programme over the next ten years, giving a major boost to research into reliable Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands. This new funding also marks the launch of the new Healthy AI lab, which develops and implements AI applications for better detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

The Healthy AI Lab is a collaboration of the UMCG, the University of Groningen, RadboudUMC, University of Twente and Siemens Healthineers and is led by Henkjan Huisman, professor of Medical Imaging AI at RadboudUMC. The lab will develop and implement new applications of AI for better detection and treatment of prostate cancer. Huisman: 'For example, we are going to build AI into MRI scanners to make them more efficient. The AI algorithms in the scanner will already determine after taking a few images whether the risk of cancer is extremely low, which will be the case in a large group of patients. In that case, the scan stops early, making care faster and cheaper. If the algorithms are in doubt, we actually take more images. That prevents unnecessary biopsies and gives better-targeted treatments. What is unique about this project is that AI is efficiently monitored by experts in a new system that continuously gets data, so AI learns from each patient.'

UMCG radiologist Derya Yakar is co-director of the lab. Also closely involved in the project are UMCG radiologist Thomas Kwee and Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici, professor of European technology law and human rights at the University of Groningen.

You can read more about ROBUST here