More than 50 extra livers have been transplanted within 5 years thanks to organ perfusion

A few years ago, we did not dare to transplant many organs because they might not be good enough. Now, we can test these organs thanks to the innovative technique of organ perfusion. Organ perfusionist Veerle Lantinga explains: ‘We have tested 82 livers and have been able to transplant 52 of them. So that's 52 livers that we wouldn't have been able to use otherwise and that have been successfully transplanted'.
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In this video, Veerle talks about organ perfusion and its importance for patients: "With organ perfusion, we can preserve, test and even improve donor organs. If you are on the waiting list and we can transplant more organs, you might be eligible for an organ sooner. And it also means that the risk of post-transplant complications is much lower."

Curious about how organ perfusion works and what the expectations are for the future? Then watch the video. Disclaimer: the video contains images that may be considered shocking.