Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention Protect patients against infections, perform diagnostics of infections and advise for optimal antimicrobial therapy. Department
Our ageing society holds more older people and more people with a weak immune system. We encounter these patients on a daily basis in the UMCG. Innovative research to prevent infections and research on new and diagnostic methods and treatment possibilities is necessary to protect patients against infections.

We have the tradition and responsibility to understand the nature of the microorganisms in the emergence of infectious diseases. We use a wide range of fundamental, applied and clinical research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases to improve. The main research themes of the Virology and Immunology research labs are:

  • Experimental Virology
  • Tumor Virology and Cancer
  • Immunotherapy Vaccinology

How our research benefits to society

The Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention department contributes in the following way

  • 30 innovation consortia from the German-Dutch border region are concentrating on the development of innovative products and technologies that protect the population against infections and deal with antibiotic resistance.

  • Het Duits-Nederlandse grensproject “EurHealth-1Health - Euregional Prevention Against Antibiotic Resistance and Infections“ is gericht op één van de grootste uitdagingen in de gezondheidszorg: de bestrijding van levensgevaarlijke infecties die worden veroorzaakt door bijzonder resistente micro-organismen.