Martijn Nawijn wins the ERS Mid-Career Gold Medal in Basic and Translational Sciences

In recognition of his leadership in the Human Lung Cell Atlas project and his potential for further outstanding research in the field of basic and translational sciences, Martijn Nawijn was awarded the ERS Mid-Career Medal.

The Human Lung Cell Atlas aims to identify the stable and transient molecular features of all cells in the healthy human lung, and the changes thereof in lung disease. Prof. Nawijn has played a leading role in this multidisciplinary, international research effort, acting as coordinator for the Lung bionetwork of the Human Cell Atlas consortium, by leading a Horizon2020-funded consortium and coordinating research activities across several international consortia including NIH-supported LungMAP and HuBMAP programs, and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative funded Lung Cel Atlas v1.0 network. The first fully integrated Human Lung Cell Atlas with consensus cell-type labels and systematic descriptions of cell-type specific transcriptional phenotypesacross several lung diseases has been published recently in Nature Medicine.

Translating revolutionary insights

Future progress in the field is focused on translating these revolutionary molecular insights into the cellular landscape of lung tissue in health and disease into the design of precision medicine for lung diseases, which at this moment lack curative treatment options and cause significant morbidity and mortality.