Lifestyle has, beyond doubt, been proven beneficial for health in the general population as well as in a number of patient categories. However, the development, substantiation and implementation of (active) lifestyle interventions in rehabilitation patients is still largely insufficient. We aim to address this knowledge gap.

Our main fields of research interest concerning  lifestyle topics in Rehabilitation are the development and implementation of:

  • testing and training methods  to improve physical fitness;
  • interventions targeting behavioural aspects of lifestyle towards physical activity, nutrition, sleep/ relaxation and smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • strategies to improve sustainability of beneficial lifestyle behaviour;
  • inclusion of the concept of lifestyle in the curricula of doctors and other relevant healthcare professionals

How our research benefits to society

“Costs of care and cure are high and even increasing annually. Cost-effectivity of our rehabilitation efforts is therefor important.

An active lifestyle has been proven to be beneficial for health in a number of patient categories and in people with (physical) disabilities. Furthermore, being physically fit strongly supports the process of recovery and rehabilitation. By stimulating fitness of our patients, we enable our patients to recover faster and reach a higher level of recovery, thereby, improving the (cost)effectiveness of the rehabilitation.”

    • Loeke van Schaike (MD, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Bregje Seves (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Pim Brandenbarg (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Jone Ansuatequi Echeita (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Redmar Berduszek (MD, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Aniek Kolen (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Lise Maren Kloosterman (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Sanne Westerveld (MsC, PhD student, Researcher)
    • Dr. Liesbeth Simmelink (MD, PhD, Researcher)


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Rienk Dekker Professor in Rehabilitation medicine

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Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
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The Netherlands

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