Our research in health professions education deepens and enriches the understanding of teaching and learning practices and culture.

The scope of research ranges from the processes of admission into a health professions programme to the development and maintenance of competence and continuing professional development and identity processes engaged throughout a professional’s career.

Our three main research themes are:

  1. Lifelong Learning, Learning Environments and Assessment;
  2. Medical Skills Acquisition, Simulation and (Team)training; 
  3. Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

Healthy ageing professionals and patients

We investigate learners’ healthy living and working. A healthy learner is a healthy professional which is a prerequisite for Healthy Ageing of our (future) health professions workforce.

It is becoming increasingly clear that medical care for elderly people should focus on person-centred care instead of disease centred, medical-technical care. This insight not only requires a paradigm shift in the training of health care students and the house staff of a hospital, but also indicates a need for the existing faculty to engage in lifelong learning activities in order to accommodate both patients and learners with new needs.

By educating health professionals in the best possible way, supported by the best available scientific evidence, we strive to prepare (future) health professionals who are able to work and learn in alignment with the UMCG Healthy Ageing mission.