Lilian Peters

Epidemioloog, Assistant professor and co-coordinator Midwifery Science Profile
Epidemioloog, Assistant professor and co-coordinator Midwifery Science

My research is in the area of Women’s and Childs Health Epidemiology. I examine the impact of (lifestyle) behavior, events during pregnancy and birth on maternal and children’s health. As an epidemiologist, I analyze linkage data of electronic healthcare records (EHR) systems in the Netherlands and Australia. The accompanying papers have resulted in optimizing care for example in reducing unnecessary medical interventions in women during childbirth. Besides analyzing structured EHRdata, I am also a pioneer in analyzing unstructured data (i.e. general practitioners notes) with the aim to identify specific trajectories and care pathways for COVID-19 patients by using advanced artificial intelligence techniques (NLP). Due to my significant expertise in EHRdata combined with strong leadership, I have formed and coordinated several multidisciplinary teams composed of data scientists, data managers, healthcare professionals (general practitioners, midwives), and epidemiologists who collaborate intensively resulting in cutting edge research projects. Along with multi-disciplinary professionals, I collaborate with (representatives of) target populations ensuring that their demands and voices are incorporated throughout all phases in research projects.
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