Justine Dickhoff

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Project Manager

I thrive on thinking outside the box and assisting researchers with creative ideas. Additionally, I find great satisfaction in contributing to the real-world impact of academic output.

In my role as a project manager at Research BV, I specialize in supporting projects during the pre-award phase. My expertise primarily lies in the fields of mental health research and neuroscience, which were also the areas I focused on during my PhD. I strive to reflect my background in ethical-related aspects of initiatives I am involved in.  In addition, I have extensive expertise on the Nationaal Groeifonds, which I have consistently been involved in.

Prior to my current position at Research BV, I worked as a project developer at the University of Groningen, where I supported growth fund projects, AI-focused hubs, and a European project (ENLIGHT RISE) with a strong emphasis on creating impact.
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