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Curious about what we do? In the interview below, Manna Alma tells about the implementation of WerkWeb-Autism. The interview appeared in the TGO newsletter earlier.
  1. What does the project involve? 
    Many (young) adults with autism have difficulties with studying, cannot find suitable work, have no work at all, or work in a job below their level. WorkWeb-Autisme ( is an online tool providing information, tips, a personal development profile and work assignments that supports people with autism in finding and keeping work. The project Working with WorkWeb-Autism aims to gain insight into how people with autism, their families, involved professionals and employers can make optimal use of WorkWeb-Autism. 
  2. What is your role (and therefore the role of TGO) in the project? 
    In this project we work together with the Dutch Autism Association (NVA). I am project leader together with Bernadette Wijnker-Holmes (on behalf of the NVA). In addition to the research, we will also experiment with the implementation of WorkWeb-Autism in practice. Bernadette leads this part; I am the project leader of the research. In addition, Benjamin de Graaff works as a junior researcher on the project. 
  3. What do you like most about your role/project? 
    In the project we work closely with a project group. In addition, a supervisory committee from the subsider (UWV Kenniscentrum) is involved. Both groups consist of representatives of different user groups, such as people with autism, relatives, professionals, and employers. The collaboration with them is inspiring and leads to the implementation of WorkWeb-Autism being appropriate, acceptable, and feasible for practice. 
  4. When is the project successful? 
    The project is successful if more people make use of WorkWeb-Autism and that all professionals who work with people with autism in the direction of work or study are aware of WW-A and use it optimally. As a result, more people with autism will have insight into the opportunities on the labor market that suit them and will more often find work that matches their talents. This will ultimately promote sustainable work participation of this group, which contributes to a higher well-being.

    For this project, we are looking for people who want to contribute ideas in a focus group or brainstorm session. Do you have autism, or are you a close relative of some with autism, of are you a professional working with people with autism and do you want to contribute ideas? Please contact Manna Alma ( or Benjamin de Graaff (

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