Human in the AI Loop | Webinar 4 October

Are you curious about the changing relationship between AI and human life? As AI's role in everyday situations grows, so does awareness of its potential negative consequences. Debates led by governments and organisations are ongoing, highlighting the need to focus on research and innovation for effective collaboration between humans and AI.

“Best of Both” instead of “Us or Them”

What might these collaborations look like? How should they be designed and assessed? And what is needed to manage them throughout their lifecycle? During this webinar from UMCG's Data Science Center in Health (DASH), Christos Emmanouilidis will explore these questions. He will also showcase European initiatives and projects that exemplify collaborative approaches, including practical usage scenarios and human-centred AI in different areas. Their implications for decision-making processes, working environments and operational outcomes will also be discussed.

Christos Emmanouilidis

Christos is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. He has had multiple Principal Investigator roles for projects related to AI & Cognitive Systems, Robotics & Automation, Human in the Loop with Linked Data and Knowledge, as well as Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things Technologies to serve industrial applications needs, carrying over 20 years of experience in positions in business, academia and organisations supporting research and innovation. During this event, you can ask all your questions, there will be plenty of room for interactivity.

How do I sign up?

This webinar takes place online and is free to attend. Also, you do not need to register but can participate via the link below. 

Date: 4 October
Time: 4 to 5 pm
Location: Online

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