Enhancing data literacy: UMCG launches Digital Healthcare Education Team

Healthcare is rapidly adopting digital transformation, requiring healthcare professionals to be skilled in a data-driven landscape. However, achieving this skill requires targeted education. Therefore, UMCG's Data Science Center in Health (DASH) and the Department of Epidemiology have established a 'Digital Health Care Education Team' to address this crucial need.

The team consists of three aspiring junior lecturers, Rik Wisselink Bijker, Dorien Neijzen and Wieke Bouwes, who will develop and organise four specialised 'Digital Health Care courses' over the next two years. They will do so under the guidance of their mentors Esther Metting, Peter van Ooijen, Noha el Baz, Truuske de Bock and Michiel Hooiveld, in collaboration with the Junior Scientific Masterclass led by Sonja Pyott. This initiative serves as a precursor to the creation of a comprehensive faculty-wide learning programme titled 'Digital Health Care', with subjects such as 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Medicine', 'Bridging the gap between statistics and Machine Learning', 'Data Science' and 'eHealth'.

'Data-driven working and digitisation' is one of the three priorities of the UMCG. To achieve this goal, good education and training of students and employees is key. Thanks to funding from the national 'Medical and Health Sciences Sector Plan', this project can be made reality. 

Since 2022, UMCG has received significant funding from the national sector plan for Medical and Health Sciences. This investment is aimed at strengthening the basis of scientific research and education, including the creation of more jobs and permanent positions. Together with other UMCs and regional partners, the UMCG plays an important role in vital areas such as prevention, data-driven innovation and the practical application of (fundamental) research.