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Overcome barriers, challenge convention and take action to put innovative products and services into the hands of those that need them the most. Network
Overcome barriers, challenge convention and take action to put innovative products and services into the hands of those that need them the most.
Putting the theory of the ‘knowledge triangle’ into action requires a collaborative approach. We work across borders with approximately 150 EIT Health partner organisations, bringing together the brightest minds in healthcare to answer some of the biggest health challenges facing Europe.

The idea behind the EIT KICs is innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise. The so called ‘knowledge triangle’, is the principle that when experts from business, research and education work together as one, an optimal environment for innovation is created. UMCG joined the network in 2019 as an associated partner and in 2019 became a core partner.

Our programmes

  • Accelerator: A catalyst to business growth to deliver transformative products and services. Shortens the time-to-market for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, while creating new jobs and contributing to a thriving health economy.
  • Campus: Bridges the gap between academia and enterprise to upskill professionals on new innovative techniques, providing the practical knowledge and inspiration to deliver future innovation. Engages learners across society, from citizens to established healthcare professionals.
  • Innovation: Connects bold approaches to the people who can make them a reality by turning them into a commercially-viable product or service. Builds a task force of world-class experts from business, research and education.

How our network benefits to society

We work all over Europe

    1. Strengthening healthcare systems in Europe: we want to overcome obstacles to innovation to improve Europes healthcare delivery and enable life-changing solutions.
    2. Promoting better health of citizens: European citizens and patients sit at the centre of our organisation. That's why we're engaging people at every stage.
    3. Contributing to a sustainable health economy in Europe: we want to create a fertile environment in which innovation can flourish.
  • Six regional innovation hubs

    Operate as strong clusters of relevant actors collaborating as a thriving ecosystem.


    Headquartered in Budapest, EI Health InnoStars spans several geographic regions in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal.

    Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) (Pink pins)

    We have expanded the community's presence with a EI Health Regional Innovation Scheme in 13 regions across Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

    Beyond Euope (Cyan pin)

    Further hubs in the United States and Israel, connect innovators across Europe to other key thriving ecosystems beyond the EU.


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Rosie Jordanova EIT Health Program Manager and Scientific Liaison