BRAIN is a research-program within UMCG-research institute Health in Context. It is an acronym for Biology-Related, Artificial, and Interventional Neuroscience.

Biology-Related Neuroscience

Over the years, neurogenetics and cell biology research have emerged as solid foundations for improving diagnostics and thoroughly understanding underlying mechanisms of disease. BRAIN researchers have gained considerable experience in functional imaging as well as performing neurophysiological examinations.

Artificial Neuroscience

BRAIN researchers have set up a database consisting of approximately 1,500 patients. Currently, a major NEMO/ZonMw-TOP project is ongoing, which focuses on the use of machine learning algorithms to classify different types of movement disorders based on 3D video, sensors, and EMG activity.

Interventional Neuroscience

The final step from bench to bedside is made by carefully implementing acquired knowledge from basic research into advanced patient treatment strategies. In addition, BRAIN researchers are continuously striving to improve patient care by conducting cutting-edge clinical research, together with (inter)national partners.