Alliance for Healthy Aging

Meet-up with us. Exchange results and ideas on ageing. Network
Meet-up with us. Exchange results and ideas on ageing.
The world population is getting older. A rapid growing number of frail older people has its societal consequences. Ageing is the greatest risk factor for most chronic diseases, and chronic diseases account for the majority of morbidity and health care expenditures in developed nations. Now more than ever research and exchange of ideas are needed to deepen our knowledge of ageing.

This is why we form an alliance with our partners the Mayo Clinic, USA; Newcastle University, UK; University of Minnesota, USA, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Annual Meetups

We arrange meetups for scientists, clinicians and engineers, to exchange research results and ideas on translational research on ageing. Our annual Alliance meetup:

  • fosters research collaborations,
  • acts as a springboard for new research grants and directions,
  • accelerates the translation of scientific discoveries to clinical practice.

Our meetups connect experts through an interdisciplinary panel with unique clinical, scientific, and commercial perspectives.

Share educational insights and research on ageing

Interactions between the collaborating institutions take place within the field of research and education. Our focus is on translational research for healthy ageing on:

  • senescence and health span,
  • molecular mechanisms of age-related multi morbidity,
  • frailty and health span,
  • interventions to slow down ageing,
  • metabolism and ageing.

Founding partners and development

The Alliance for Healthy Aging was founded in 2009 by Mayo Clinic (USA) and the University Medical Center Groningen, the University of Groningen, the Noaber Foundation (Lunteren) and Vita Valley (Ede) from the Netherlands.

In 2015, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing in the UK joined our collaboration and in 2019 the University of Minnesota-Institute on the Biology of Aging and Metabolism, Minneapolis, USA, and the University of Copenhagen-Center for Healthy Aging in Denmark joined the network as well.