Yingying Cong awarded ISBA Fellowship by developing an anti-coronavirus compound

The ISBA Fellowship has awarded Yingying Cong, postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Prof. Fulvio Reggiori at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems of the UMCG, a ISBA Fellowship worth € 30.000. With the grant she will be able to develop a pan-anti-coronavirus compounds that specifically target the complex we found.

Social impact

Yingying has more than ten years experience with coronavirus and is specialized in the mechanism ofcoronavirus and ininfluenza A virus infection in hosts cells. Due the COVID-19 pandemic Yingying worked on a couple of COVID-19 related projects aimed at developing drugs to fright SARS-CoV-2 based. This fellowship will bring the scientific research from the bench to the clinic and a huge social impact.

Sharing tip for young researchers

The coronavirus projects Yingying did during her PhD are all side projects in the lab, but she did not give up. Because she found excitement during her research that could inhibit the viral infection with blocking a viral protein-protein interaction. The tip she wants to share to all young researchers: ‘’Don’t say no at the beginning of your research, because you did not reach the core of the project yet.’’

About ISBA Fellowship

The ISBA Foundation provides financial support for awards and special projects consistent with its mission. This includes fellowships, which are concrete and direct way of promoting scientific research. Each year the Foundation awards 5 fellowships to young researchers, from Universities and Institutes around the world.