Wanted: AI innovations for people with brain-related disorders

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC), Hoofdzaken (initiative of the Brain Foundation, ZonMw and MIND) and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Network (JAIN) are joining forces to look for AI innovations that improve the quality of life and slow or stop the disease process in people with brain disorders. Do you have product ideas for this, in which AI can play a prominent role? Then read on quickly, because you now have the opportunity to submit your ideas.
 Wanted: AI innovations for people with brain-related disorders

Brain disorders are fast becoming the biggest disease in the Netherlands. There are various brain disorders, from dementia, Parkinson's, strokes, depressions and migraines to brain damage after an accident. In fact, 1 in 4 people in the Netherlands has a brain disorder.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a promising technology that in such cases can also mean a lot to reduce the burden of disease and/or improve the quality of life. The aim of this collaboration is to significantly reduce brain-related disorders in 5 years, using innovative AI product ideas. You can contribute by submitting your innovative products or product ideas for brain-related disorders, where AI can play a prominent role.

What kind of product ideas can be submitted?

They are looking for product ideas that have the potential to have a social impact in the short term. In other words: product ideas that can be scaled up and broadened nationwide with multiple (brain-related) disorders. Information about product ideas that are still in the development phase can also be submitted.

How do I submit my product idea?

Click on this link to read the call. You can participate by submitting the form before April 30th. The results of the application will be announced in mid-June.