What is the disease burden of genital warts in Dutch general practice?

In addition to several types of cancers, HPV can cause genital warts. Because HPV is common, genital warts are also common, especially in adults. About 46,000 genital warts are diagnosed each year. Treatment requires patience, both from the patient and the physician since one-third relapse within a year. However, the total social costs and pressure on general practice associated with this treatment appear to be unknown in the Netherlands.
A doctor and patient are having a conversation at a table in an office

To gain more insight into the disease burden of genital warts in Dutch general practice, research is needed. MSD Netherlands has therefore started a collaboration with Professor Maarten Postma and Dr. Lisa de Jong of the Global Health Unit of the UMCG. MSD has awarded sixty thousand euros to the UMCG to conduct scientific research into the economic disease burden of genital warts in general practice.

The study starts in September and will consist of a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. To map the economic burden of disease of genital warts, a retrospective non-interventional study based on a national GP-database of all care use and treatments for genital warts in general practice will be conducted. In addition, interviews with multiple general practitioners will be conducted to understand the impact of genital warts diagnosis and treatment on the general practitioner and practice.