UMCG researchers receive grant for large national research into stress

Ute Bültmann (Work & Health) just heard the news that she received the Gravition grant. Together with other UMCG researchers Harold Snieder (Professor of Genetic Epidemiology) and Els Maeckelberghe (Wenckebach Institute) they are involved in a consortium that will receive a total of €19.6 million NWO grant for a large and extensive research into stress called ' Stress-In-Action'. The research is led by the VU University Amsterdam. Researchers from Amsterdam UMC, University of Groningen (Peter de Jonge), Erasmus MC and the University of Twente are also involved.

In this project, based on new knowledge and data, methods are being developed that can monitor and reduce stress in daily life. This can prevent the development of stress-related illnesses. Mapping the impact of stress on our daily lives is necessary to improve public health and well-being of people. Because if stress occurs often and remains high for a long time, it can cause depression, anxiety, and burnout, but also cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. The UMCG is involved in all phases of stress research: from understanding and measuring to interventions and the impact on health.

Reducing the impact of stress on health
Despite its relevance, our knowledge and understanding of stress is very limited. According to Ute Bültmann, this research can lead to a deepening of knowledge. "We are bringing stress research from the laboratory to the 'real world'. The research should contribute to a better understanding of what determines stress in our daily lives and how we can measure stress and reduce stress reactions. Because researchers from different disciplines and from different institutions are involved in this research, we can develop methods that measure and reduce stress. By applying new technology, research into stress and its influence on humans can be done much better and faster. This enables the development of new monitoring and intervention strategies to monitor and reduce stress in everyday life and its impact on health.

About NWO Gravitation 
The grant was awarded in the context of the NWO research programme Gravitation. Minister Dijkgraaf (OCW) makes the funding available to scientific consortia that can participate in pioneering research in their field among the world's best. With Gravitation, the government stimulates excellent research in the Netherlands. It is intended for scientific consortia that have the potential to become world leaders in their field. It concerns financing from the first cash flow (directly via the central government). The selection procedure is carried out by NWO.
More information

For more information on the project, visit the Stress in Action website: