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Section Research for care for older people

People with dementia and other frail older persons are often in need for care at home or in a nursing home. Research is necessary to provide high quality of care with limited resources.

Further research will be done to understand and to improve functioning and wellbeing from a multidisciplinary perspective, taking into account the needs of different patient groups. Our research is therefore set up together with older persons (representatives) and their families. Additionally, it addresses various disciplines and professions, such as physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nursing staff and other care staff.

We have 5 major research topics that are embedded in 5 theme groups within the UNO-UMCG:

  • Challenging behaviours in dementia;
  • Medication safety;
  • Care ethics;
  • Pain, functioning and well-being;
  • Interprofessional collaboration in primary care.

Recent overarching topics include, amongst others, support of care staff by improving their work using health care technology.
The research on these topics will describe patients’ characteristics, individual needs, disease courses and is particularly focused on interventions and implementation to improve health care delivered. We focus on improving health care in the Northern and Eastern part of the Netherlands, and collaborate in national and international consortia.


How our research benefits to society

In a country with a growing number of older people and a limited number of staff and nursing home beds, we have to find ways to deliver sustainable health care. We have to find more efficient and effective ways to optimize care where possible, and to provide care at the right time at the right place. Participatory scientific research as well as knowledge implementation and dissemination can help to maintain the quality of care delivered at home and in nursing homes.


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Sytse Zuidema Head of research Section Elderly Care Medicine / Chair UNO-UMCG / Professor of Dementia and Elderly Care Medicine

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