Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology We aim to provide optimal care for patients with systemic autoimmune diseases Department
There is no cure for patients with systemic autoimmune diseases. Current disease modifying treatments are not suitable for all individual patients. We aim to improve this and to provide personalised treatments to our patients.

In our clinical and translational research we seek to:

  • Partner with patients
  • Understand the underlying disease mechanisms
  • Identify targets for early diagnosis and treatment
  • Provide personalised solutions for patients with systemic autoimmune diseases

We welcome patients into our care, invite them to partner in patient cohort research and strive to jointly discover appropriate personalised treatments.


How our research benefits to society

Novel treatments have revolutionised the field of rheumatology, daily clinical practice faces patients and clinicians with enormous challenges. Systemic autoimmune diseases are complex heterogeneous disorders, diagnosis is often difficult and patients differ in disease presentation and response to treatment. It is our mission to improve individual care for patients with systemic autoimmune diseases through research, education and improved patient care.

We are passionate about clinical and translational research in the field of rheumatology. Our department is recognised as a European Center of Excellence in Rheumatology Research. Our research on prospective longitudinal patient cohorts is focused on improved understanding of the underlying immune-mediated disease mechanisms for rational development of precision treatments.

  • We share our knowledge with patients and clinicians through education and scientific outreach activities. We organise patient symposia and provide regional lectures for the lay public.

    We contribute to international guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of systemic autoimmune diseases.

    We have developed patient centered care paths for Sjögren’s Syndrome and Vasculitis in our accredited expertise centers.


Marjo Engberts-Hoogstraten Secretary of the Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology department

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