(Re)using routine clinical data for improving the quality of rehabilitation treatment and facilitating personalised care. Cohort
(Re)using routine clinical data for improving the quality of rehabilitation treatment and facilitating personalised care.
Within the Center of Rehabilitation multidisciplinary treatment is provided to people with various physical disabilities and/or chronic diseases.

During and in the context of this treatment, a lot of data is routinely collected. Rehablines is initiated to re-use this routine clinical data in a database for future scientific research. 

Rehablines aims to:

  • efficiently conduct high quality scientific research aimed at patient characteristics, underlying disease processes, and treatment effects;
  • provide insight into (short and long-term) treatment effects and efficiency of these rehabilitation treatments;
  • personalize treatment by comparing data from the individual patient with data from a large number of patients with similar characteristics from Rehablines.
  • Patients receiving rehabilitation treatment at the UMCG Department of Rehabilitation Medicine will be asked to participate. Patients who gave their informed consent, will be in included in Rehablines. 

  • Rehablines is a ‘further use databank’, in which routine clinical data will be collected and stored for future research.  

  • Soon available


How Rehablines benefits to society

Rehablines is a further use databank, in which routine clinical data is collected and stored on a large scale. The use of data from Rehablines is an efficient way of performing research within the field of rehabilitation, because of its large data sets with real world patient data, what improves external validity. In addition, for the development of clinical support systems to personalize treatment large datasets are required. Rehablines can be used for these purposes and therewith support both Evidence Based Medicine and Personalized Medicine, improving the quality of Rehabilitation Medicine. Rehablines will accelerate rehabilitation research, substantiating the evidence for rehabilitation treatment for our patients. 


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Leonie Krops Senior researcher Rehabilitation Medicine

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) - Location Beatrixoord
Rehablines HPC: CD44
PO Box 30.002
9750 RA Haren
The Netherlands

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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
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