Orthodontics In addition to providing high-quality clinical care, we perform scientific research and ensure new knowledge about health, prevention and treatment. Department
We use this knowledge for practical improvements in the treatments. We participate in (inter) national networks and partnerships in all our core tasks.

Our Orthodontics department has two lines of research

Biofilm and biomaterial

In this line research is conducted into biofilm formation and bacterial adhesion in connection with orthodontic materials and is carried out within the W.J. Kolff Institute for Biomedical engineering and Materials science at the UMCG.

Clinical studies and 3D techniques

This line consists of various clinical trials that investigate treatment-efficient, different anchoring systems and patient satisfaction. In addition, a new 3D research line has been started that looks at new 3D techniques (cone-beam CT, 3D scanners) and 3D printing.

We provide training for specialists to become an orthodontist. This is also an important task. The department also contributes to dental university education and to the HBO course in Oral Hygiene; and to postgraduate education.