NWO Grant for Bart van de Sluis

Bart van de Sluis, pProfessor of Molecular Genetics and Head Laboratory of Pediatrics in the UMCG, received a grant from NWO for his research. This makes him one of the twenty-one approved grant applicants by the NWO Domain Board in the Open Competition Domain Science-M programme.
Bart van der Sluis

These grants are intended for curiosity-driven fundamental scientific research with impact. Impact includes both scientific and societal impact.
Bart van de Sluis is carrying out the research together with his Amsterdam-based colleague Noam Zelcer.

More information on the awarded research:
​​​​​​​A novel strategy to interrogate hepatic lipid metabolism
Prof. dr. ir. Bart van de Sluis & Prof. dr. Noam Zelcer (UMCG/AMC)

Different types of lipids, including cholesterol, are essential for our body to function, but excess in lipids can cause many diseases our society is currently facing, including fatty liver and cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore imperative to understand how lipid homeostasis is controlled at the mechanistic level in health and disease. In this project, we will use specific expertise of two scientists to set up a unique strategy to identify novel players that control lipid homeostasis. The knowledge obtained may help to find potential, eagerly needed and novel intervention strategies to treat lipid related diseases.