The overarching theme of our research is to improve the care for patients with traumatic brain injury based on knowledge from translational research focusing on pathophysiological mechanisms and determinants of outcome. As a regional expertise and level 1 trauma center we provide top clinical care for highly complex traumatic brain disorders in the (sub)acute and chronic phase in close collaboration with scientists and other care providers.

The main objective of our research is to unravel the determinants of outcome in patients with traumatic brain injury using psychometrics, advanced imaging techniques and serum biomarkers. In particular behavioral and cognitive aspects of outcome are topics of interest.
Subgoals of our research are:

  • To determine the mechanisms behind brain injury with serum biomarkers and advanced neuro imaging
  • To assess physiological and psychological factors determining outcome
  • To diagnose behavioural and cognitive aspects of long-term outcome
  • To develop innovative therapies to increase social participation and quality of life
  • To implement results of research into daily clinical practise in care guidelines and standards of care

The final goal is to improve the chain of care for patients within and outside the hospital.


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