Large grant from the NWO for development of targeted cancer therapies

Philip Elsinga from the department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging of the UMCG has received a grant of € 868.256,- from the NWO for research on the development of targeted cancer therapies. His research focuses on development of novel tracers for nuclear medicine imaging and therapy.

More about the research 

Targeted therapies are crucial part of treatment of cancer. Great advantage of radionuclide therapy is that radioactivity doses are delivered in the tumor very accurately. Prior to therapy a diagnostic scan is performed. Differences between these diagnostic and therapeutic drugs are eliminated by developing theranostics twins. 

This innovative approach is based on easily available fluorine-18 for PET-diagnostics combined with alpha- or beta-emitters for therapy. With these twins the right cancer patients are selected for treatment with optimal therapy. UMCG and Erasmus MC will develop theranostic twins for treating cancer. The best twin will be prepared for a first-in-man clinical trial.
Elsinga about his research: ‘Our innovative approach will lead to more accurate therapy of cancer patients by using radionuclide therapy.’
The research will take 4 years.

Open Technology Programme

Elsinga receives this grant from the Open Technology Programme. This provides funding for application-oriented technical-scientific research that is free and unrestricted and is not hindered by disciplinary boundaries. The programme offers companies and other organisations an accessible way to participate in scientific research that is intended to lead to societal and/or scientific impact.