Jeanine Kamphuis

Senior researcher / Psychiatrist Profile
Senior researcher / Psychiatrist

I am a psychiatrist working at the Department for Mood Disorders. We treat severely depressed patients with high disease burden who have often tried multiple treatments without enough result. Together with my colleagues I seek ways to help these patients. We are often trying the last steps in our treatment guidelines, such as the use of electroconvulsive therapy or monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Given the great need for new treatment modalities I feel an urge to investigate and properly implement new approaches. My current research focus is on the use of mind-altering drugs, such as ketamine and classic psychedelics, for treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders especially depression. I am interested in all aspects of these treatments, such as the neurobiological mechanisms of these compounds, but also aspects of set, setting and best ways of psychological support. Furthermore, I am involved in projects that focus on the role of sleep and circadian rhythm in depressive disorders. By participating in carefully executed, high quality clinical trials and also in off-label compassionate use treatment programmes I hope to contribute to the steps needed for implementation of new treatment options.
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