iPSC - CRISPR Facility We support clinical and preclinical scientists with the generation of patient-derived iPSC models. In addition, we facilitate CRISPR genome engineering in various cell types including iPSCs, including genome-wide CRISPR functional screens. Facility
We are an expertise centre that supports and carries out iPSC and/or CRISPR genome engineering experiments and CRISPR functional genetic screens. We offer, implement and develop state of the art protocols and tools that will expedite developments in regenerative medicine.

We are experts in iPSC modelling and CRISPR genome engineering. Our services include the high-throughput generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from patients or healthy donors. To standardize iPSC generation and increase throughput we make use of an automated tissue culture robot. We offer local and external scientist our expertise, training and experimental support.

  • In addition, we support differentiation of iPSCs into various tissue types in collaboration with other groups.
  • We introduce genetic changes using CRISPR-Cas9 technology to derive isogenic iPSC lines with targeted mutations or reporter alleles.
  • We support genome engineering in many other cell types to generate knockout and knock-in cell lines as well as reporter cell lines.
  • We conduct genome-wide functional screens using CRISPR knock out, inactivation and activation libraries.

Together with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Leiden University, we serve as a national infrastructure (ScreeninC) to support targeted and genome-wide CRISPR functional screens.


Building better iPSC models

Our activities strengthen regenerative medicine by building better iPSC models. These broaden our knowledge of the biology of iPSCs and their differentiated progeny, to screen for modulators of their biological behavior, and to build personalized models of disease that aid physicians in developing new therapeutic approaches.


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Expertise and services

    • Isolation of somatic cells from patient material (blood, urine, skin)
    • Reprogramming of somatic cells (lentiviral or integration-free)
    • Characterization of iPS cells 
    • Pluripotency marker gene expression (RNA sequencing)
    • Differentiation / lineage marker gene expression (RNA sequencing)
    • Karyotyping (metaphase spreads)
    • High resolution karyotyping (single-cell DNA sequencing)
    • Gene inactiviation
    • Gene tagging
    • Gene alterations (point mutations, etc)
    • Epigenetic modulation (CRISPRi / CRISPRa)
    • Targeted and genome-wide screens using human or mouse knock-out libraries
    • Visualization of genomic loci
    • Custom CRISPR applications


European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing

University Medical Center Groningen
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