UMCG Instrumental Research Facility

UMCG Instrumental Research Facility

The place where your technical dreams come true. Facility
The place where your technical dreams come true.
The Research ‘Instrumentmakerij’ (RI) develops and manufactures equipment for education, research, and patient care purposes to promote scientific and medical innovation. For this range of applications, the RI develops and manufactures precision equipment, experimental setups, and instruments from various materials. The RI can also produce electronic equipment and technical software.

It can be difficult to implement a product for technical or economic reasons. However, thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and experience, the RI is always able to realize the product requested by the customer. In close cooperation with the client, the product manufactured will meet the technical requirements.

The RI is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • Design
  • Development
  • Manufacture
  • Aftercare services

For patient safety reasons, products manufactured for patient care will always have to meet current rules and regulations.


Request Procedure

Seven steps to achieve your goal.

Video: request procedure UMCG Instrumental Research Facility

  • WORKFLOW Application RI

    Customers need technical support because they:

    • Have a concept for something;
    • Wish to adjust something that already exists;
    • Need support to improve the work process (to achieve higher reproducibility levels);
    • Need a 3D print;
    • Want to produce parts that have already been designed.
  • WORKFLOW Demands RI
    As a result of the first application, a Plan of requirements is drawn up together with the customer or an employee of the RI looks at the workplace to clarify the PVE. Details are recorded in project management software and the customer receives a summary of this.

  • WORKFLOW 3D design RI
    RI employee gets to work on the assignment and in most cases will come up with a 3d design to discuss the assignment with the customer with advanced visual support.

  • WORKFLOW Production RI
    If the customer approves the 3D design, the production process will start with the innovative production techniques. As a result, a high-quality solution will be produced.

  • WORKFLOW Delivery en Aftersales RI

    The product will be delivered and displayed on the website, if desired.

  • Services may be provided by the RI over time.

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UMCG Instrumental Research Facility
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UMCG Instrumental Research Facility
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