Innovation Award 2023: submit your proposal!

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An important part of Koers25 is encouraging innovative ideas within our organization. This year we would again like to stimulate and appreciate employees with innovative ideas by awarding the UMCG Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards are an initiative of the Board of Directors and are presented annually during the New Year ceremony.

Application form Innovation Award
(deadline for submission: November 13, 2023, 9:00 am)

The emphasis of the awards is on an innovative idea that can be transformed into an application? Important is the balance of impact and feasibility. Please provide a good description of the problem to be solved and an analysis of possible other solutions that do not (yet) suffice. We also ask for a budget that shows which significant steps can be taken with the award money. The award in each category is € 50.000.

You can submit innovative ideas, individually or as a team in 4 categories.

Innovation award Research

The award is intended for a researcher or team of researchers with an innovative research idea, in the broadest possible sense. The idea should at least relate to prevention and/or diagnostics and treatment. This must be made clear by the applicant(s) in a convincing manner, as well as how the award contributes to the likelihood of success. For example, the award could be used for a decisive key experiment, which significantly increase the chance of successful development of the innovation.

Innovation Award Education and Training

The award is intended for an employee or team of employees with an innovative idea on the subject of education or training. This may include one of the study programs provided by the UMCG: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Movement Sciences – but also to biomedical education, the medical and nursing specialist training and professional development training. In any case, the proposed project should have an application within the UMCG.

Innovation Award Healthcare

Healthcare professionals notice, often better than others, where improvements can be made that directly benefit patient care. The Innovation Award Healthcare is awarded to a healthcare professional or team of healthcare professionals with an innovative idea in the field of patient nursing and/or patient care, which in any case can be implemented within the UMCG. The award will be used to realize this initiative.

Innovation Award Sustainability

Do you have an innovative idea to make your department and/or UMCG more sustainable? And does this idea contribute to one of the sustainability ambitions of the UMCG: less CO2 emissions, less use of natural resources, and/or healthier employees / patients? Then submit a proposal for a chance to win the Innovation Award Sustainability to make your idea a reality.


The application form contains several parts, intermediate saving is not possible. Therefor it is useful to prepare in advance:

  • Title, short description of the solution and the problem you are solving.
  • For which category are you submitting the application and which strategic pillar from Koers 25 supports your idea?
  • How will the idea be executed, what is the work plan?
  • What is needed to implement the solution, in the organization and potentially elsewhere?
  • Timelines and budget for the execution of your idea (+ possible additional funding)
  • Is the idea more broadly applicable to other departments, hospitals, other parties?
  • The position of you/your team in the organization (incl name, contact information and signature head of department)
  • Brief (work-related) description of yourself (position, work experience, etc)

The process

The coordination for the process of selection and awarding of the Innovation awards, based on the ideas submitted, lies with the Innovation Center, headed by Martin Smit. Good ideas can count on the right support, to increase the chances of successful development of the innovations. A jury will determine the winning proposal for each category.