Healthy Technology Research & Innovation Cluster (HTRIC)

Aiming for a sustainable future in innovative healthcare based on precision and prevention Network
Aiming for a sustainable future in innovative healthcare based on precision and prevention
Various development programmes are under way in the strong Health Technology Research and Innovation Cluster (HTRIC). These demand- and ambition-driven development programmes support the nationally defined priority areas in MedTech NL. These key technologies and strengths, such as imaging, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and materials technology, are used to realise the ambitions of the programmes.

Aiming for a sustainable future in innovative healthcare based on precision and prevention

The Health Technology ecosystem at Campus Groningen combines powerful facilities that have existed for quite some time and individually have a strong track record.

We collaborate with regional partners

We are based in the medical/technological science at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen (UG), specifically the faculty of Science & Engineering (FSE), but also faculties such as Behavioural & Social Sciences and Economics & Business. This unique combination promotes developments from bench to bedside and back again. Strong connections have been made with universities of applied sciences, business partners at the regional, national and international level as well as with the government.

Campus Groningen is home to the medical technological ecosystem in the Netherlands that has both Science & Engineering (FSE) and an academic hospital (UMCG) in-house. This, in combination with the faculties of behavioral sciences, economics, business administration and law, gives the North of the Netherlands a unique starting point. These forces are bundled within the HTRIC ecosystem.


How our research benefits to society

Double hattrick

Having all these elements in-house in the Health Technology Research & Innovation Cluster allows us to do something exceptional: we combine healthcare, research, education and entrepreneurship, and focus on the entire innovation chain within this interdisciplinary cluster. This runs from:

  1. Articulation of a question or issue from society and clinical practice;
  2. through groundbreaking scientific innovations to;
  3. first-in-human application.

Focus on the interplay

  • Operating Theatre of the Future: Surgical techniques with calculated accuracy
  • Replacement and Improvement in the Human Body: From biomaterials to 3D technology
  • Innovative Technology with Local Precision: Observation, monitoring and targeted treatment.

Our strong and unique Health Technology cluster in the northern Netherlands stimulates interdisciplinary research and facilitates a one-of-a-kind environment focused on open innovation for collaboration between various professional fields and external partners. The ecosystem aims to share knowledge and expertise, and to use these in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

We have to do this together with institutions, businesses and governments in order to collectively contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands.