Working together towards more accessible health data to tackle large-scale health problems and realise innovations Network
Working together towards more accessible health data to tackle large-scale health problems and realise innovations
A lot of data is recorded in healthcare. The better data is available for research and innovation, the faster large-scale health problems can be effectively tackled, and innovations in healthcare can be realised. We connect a variety of organisations and initiatives and brings together healthcare professionals and researchers. By sharing knowledge in communities, the development of a national health data infrastructure is accelerated and data is used even better.

Data Driven Health: Connect, Share and Reuse

One of the challenges of modern healthcare is that data is scattered across different domains on separate platforms and is difficult to find and access. With the infrastructure that Health-RI envisages, healthcare professionals and researchers have easy access to an enormous amount of relevant data, while all important aspects concerning patient control, privacy and usability for AI applications have already been taken care of. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the infrastructure, all resources must be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

Our ambition is an integrated data infrastructure that is not only easily accessible to researchers, but in the long term also to healthcare providers and citizens.

Health-RI hubs and communities

The Health-RI network consists of several communities. The health data infrastructure in each academic medical center, such as the UMCG, can be viewed as a local Health-RI hub. The UMCG is working on various initiatives and projects to contribute to a well-functioning national infrastructure and the exchange of data and knowledge. In addition, there are also thematic communities. These consist of professionals that either share similar interests, face common challenges or pursue the same goals.

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Jan Jurjen Uitterdijk
Jan Jurjen Uitterdijk Portfolio Manager at the Information Management Department and Data Science Center in Health (DASH)
Small profile photo if N.M. Maurits
Natasha Maurits Professor of Clinical Neuroengineering, Chief Scientific Information Officer (CSIO) and advisor to the Data Science Center in Health (DASH)