Healthcare systems with strong primary healthcare have shown to be more efficient and effective than those lacking such care. The aim of Cure and Care in the Community Context (FOUR-C) research is to understand how to enhance healthcare in the community setting to better meet patient needs. The focus is on innovations aimed at providing and organizing sustainable care, cure and prevention. Collaboration across primary, secondary and tertiary care, as well as between primary care, long-term care and the social domain is a key aspect.


How our research benefits to society

Typical examples of FOUR-C research include effectiveness of a care coordination team, artificial intelligence prediction algorithms for diagnostics in primary care, reduction of inappropriate referrals using e-health, need for home care technology assessment, and shared decision making in elderly with a chronic disorder.

The multidisciplinary FOUR-C research program provides a horizontal platform across departments of the UMCG and external partners. It is organized by the department of Primary and Long-term Care.