Center for Medical Imaging North-East Netherlands

Make a difference in medical imaging and diagnostics Network
Make a difference in medical imaging and diagnostics
We clustered Medical Imaging and Diagnostic research into four distinct clusters based on the potential strengths of the University of Twente, UMCG & RUG, and bridging the industry. CMI-NEN is ideally positioned to coordinate efforts through idea interchange, inspiration, evaluation and application in our direct enviroment.

The trinity of clinic, technology and spin-off companies is a gold mine. Imaging your future, we create.

Medical imaging and diagnostics is a collective term for all procedures to make images of the human inside. Imaging techniques provide faster and more effective diagnoses and treatments and thus contribute substantially to cost savings and quality improvement in healthcare.

A number of imaging technologies are used routinely, but, the need for innovation is still enormous, in the field of hardware development (robotic arms (for intervention), MRI coils, ultrasound sensors, molecular imaging and many more), software development (improving visualization, data analysis and methodology), and expanding application areas.

CMI-NEN is part of our UMCG strategy to bridge medial and technical expertise in the North-East side of the Netherlands.