Biobanking and BioMedical Research resources Infrastructure (BBMRI-NL)

We aim to make maximal use of biosamples, images, and data to advance biomedical research. Network
We aim to make maximal use of biosamples, images, and data to advance biomedical research.
Biobanking and BioMedical Research resources Infrastructure-The Netherlands (BBMRI-NL) is the Dutch National Node of BBMRI-ERIC: a European research infrastructure for biobanking, bringing together all significant players in the biobanking field to boost biomedical research.

Since its foundation in 2009, we have connected more than 250 Dutch biobanks and cohorts, allowing them to make their data, images and body materials accessible and exchangeable. We were the first large Dutch health research infrastructure that worked and showed that people from different backgrounds can collaborate and trust each other. The LifeLines cohort Study and Biobank was one of the core partners right from the start.

High-level research

The BBMRI-NL community has created a very rich data-warehouse, research tools, services for ELSI (Ethical, Legal, Societal Issues), and knowledge tools that are used and shared for biomedical research.

Role of the UMCG

The UMCG is an important partner for us. It has a position in the BBMRI-NL directorate and UMCG researchers have significantly contributed to many successful projects:


How our research benefits to society

Partners involved

We have a great number of partners, including all Dutch University Medical Centres. In the coming years BBMRI-NL will continue its important work, together with our many collaborators, under the umbrella of Health-RI, the nationwide infrastructure for personalised medicine and health research.

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In the past 11 years we have enabled high-level research and published in more than 700 scientific articles.

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Nine Knoers
Nine Knoers Professor of Clinical Genetics and Member of the BBMRI-NL daily board