Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health Together for more healthy years. This is how the UMCG creates regional impact. Network
Public Health issues can count on an increasing interest of a growing number of people and organisations, all from different perspectives. But the offer is fragmented and lacks focus. Aletta aims to be the connecting factor and to provide an integral approach when answering questions from the field.

Beneficial both now and in the long run

Our approach is interdisciplinary and rooted in fundamental research. We believe this is the best way to tackle complex issues, such as regarding Public Health, and that our approach will generate solutions that are beneficial both now and in the long run.

Aletta is part of our UMCG strategy to increase the empowerment of the region. In the coming years, we will develop projects to achieve this goal.

Successful projects

Successful current projects that illustrate the collaboration between Aletta, the UMCG and other partners are:

Together for more healthy years. This is how we create regional impact.