€470.920 from 'Stichting Hanarth fonds' for AI in prostate MRI

Derya Yakar from the department of Radiology of the UMCG has received a grant of € 470.920 from Stichting Hanarth fonds for research on AI in prostate MRI. This research is centered on developing and implementing Advanced AI automation for the MRI diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.   

Overcoming challenges  

The project is aimed at overcoming current challenges such as the shortage of expert prostate radiologists and the increasing demand for MRI scans. The PI-CAI algorithm (led by the RadboudUmc under supervision of Henkjan Huisman, originally developed using data from over 12,000 prostate MRI cases, will be elevated to higher levels of automation. This enhancement is expected to significantly improve workflow efficiency and address the capacity challenges in radiology and healthcare. 

Two steps

The project is structured in two primary steps. The first step includes meeting four essential preconditions: ensuring patient acceptance of AI, developing safety control measures, generating prospective pilot data to evaluate safety, diagnostic performance, and workflow efficiency, and preparing for a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). The second step involves initiating and conducting the RCT to rigorously test and validate the AI system's effectiveness and practicality in a clinical setting. 


In this project Yakar collaborates with co-directors Thomas Kwee (UMCG) and Henkjan Huisman (RadboudUmc). Marieke van Gerner-Haan (RUG), Yfke Ongena (RUG), Igle Jan de Jong (UMCG), Dennis Rouw (Martini Hospital), Thea van Asselt (UMCG), and Maarten de Rooij (Radboudumc).