With ageing, citizens increasingly experience physical decline and mental and cognitive decline. Lifestyle-related factors, like nutrition, smoking and a decrease in physical exercise, cause or aggravate these problems. We need to change from repairing damage, to preventing damage to occur. We need to change from patient cure to disease prevention.

Another challenge in the current healthcare system is effective implementation of a 3D technology-based workflow in the clinical work floor. 3D clinical workflow consists of scanning, computer aided design, operation planning, and manufacturing (including 3D milling and 3D printing).​


Innovative and personalized health technology

Our PHT research programme delivers innovative and personalized health technology to tackle clinical problems in medicine and dentistry and to enhance health self-management for independent living and improvement of quality of life.

  • To maintain and improve quality of life of chronic patients and vulnerable citizens by providing a comprehensive, ​validated and accessible toolbox with innovative self-sensing and intervention tools to assist and enhance health self-management.
  • To develop an ICT and 3D technology platform to acquire and process data in order to enable appropriate clinical decisions for personalized healthcare intervention.
  • To explore the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular its applications in health care.