With ageing, citizens increasingly experience physical, mental, and cognitive decline. Lifestyle-related factors, such as nutrition, smoking, and a decrease in physical exercise, cause or aggravate these problems. Therefore, the focus of healthcare must shift from damage repair to damage prevention and from curing patients to disease prevention.

Another challenge facing the current healthcare system is the effective implementation of a 3D technology-enabled workflow in clinical practice. A 3D clinical workflow consists of scanning, computer-aided design, operation planning, and manufacturing (including 3D milling and 3D printing). 


Innovative and personalized health technology

The PHT research programme provides innovative and personalized health technology to deal with problems in clinical and dental practice and to promote health self-management to improve independent living and quality of life. 

The PHT programme aims to:

  • Maintain and improve the quality of life of chronic patients and vulnerable citizens by providing a comprehensive, validated, and accessible toolbox, with innovative self-sensing and intervention tools, to assist and promote health self-management;
  • Develop an ICT and 3D technology platform for acquiring and processing data, which can help to make appropriate clinical decisions about personalized healthcare intervention;
  • Explore the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning and their applications in healthcare in particular.


University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
W.J. Kolff Institute
Personalized Healthcare Technology (PHT)
P.O. Box 196
9700 AD Groningen
The Netherlands