How can we improve continuity of care in primary care?

Did you know that better continuity of care between patients and General Practitioners can lead to lower mortality rates and fewer unplanned hospital visits? However, due to rising healthcare demands and a lack of professionals in primary care, this has become a challenge.
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So how can we improve continuity of care in primary care?

According to Professor Nynke Scherpbier, head of the Department of General Practice and Elderly Care Medicine, one of the things is paying more attention to primary care education for medical students and learning how to collaborate with colleagues in the practice and medical specialists in the hospital can play an important role. But there is more, so watch the video!

In her inaugural lacture taking place today, 24 March, Prof. Scherpbier shares her vision on "Huisartsgeneeskunde, in de lengte en de breedte" and how she is contributing to improving continuity of care in primary care.