PhD ceremonies

​​​Below you will find an overview of the upcoming PhD ceremonies at the UMCG. If there are no ceremonies in the near future, the overview will be empty.
Many researchers complete their PhD study at the UMCG with a PhD thesis. Discover the research of the UMCG, by checking the overview of PhD dissertations and get an impression of the various interesting topics. The PhD candidates defend their dissertations during a traditional public ceremony. Upcoming as well as recent PhD ceremonies are listed here. The defense ceremonies are open for interested public.
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Sonsoles Alonso Martinez: Brain network signatures of depressive symptoms

22 Sep 2021
​Depressive symptoms are common in the general population. Even in individuals who do not meet the criteria for a Major Depression Disorder (MDD), ...

Hagma Workel: Comprehensive single-cell profiling of intratumoral T and B cells in gynecological malignancies

22 Sep 2021
​Our adaptive immune system is pre-eminently capable of recognizing and attacking tumor cells in a targeted manner. The studies in this thesis focus ...

Ruben de With: Atrial fibrillation beyond the electrocardiogram: towards understanding and preventing progression

22 Sep 2021
​Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common cardiac arrhythmia that usually starts in a paroxysmal nature and often progresses to permanent AF. This ...

Anouk de Wit: Can hormones get you down? Studies on sex steroids and depression

22 Sep 2021
​Depression affects about 12% of men and 25% of women at some time in their life. Because of this difference, sex steroids are thought to have an ...

Iris Kok: Studies to optimize selection for immunomodulatory cancer therapy with focus on immunoPET

23 Sep 2021
​Immune checkpoint inhibitors have led to a paradigm shift in the treatment of metastasized cancer, because these drugs can lead to impressive tumor ...

Xiaobo Tian: Chemical approaches for quantitative proteomics

24 Sep 2021
​Xiaobo focuses on developing novel isotope labeling-based tags for quantitative proteomics along two lines of research: (1) In data-dependent ...