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Successful collaborative projects depend on finding good partners for your consortium. Especially in the new EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe, a competitive consortium can make all the difference. Horizon Europe is a research and innovation support programme and is designed to ensure cooperation between universities, scientific communities and industry, and citizens and their representatives. 
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Networking for EU projects 

Since finding the right partners can be quite a challenge, the UG and UMCG recently joined the open innovation platform Crowdhelix. This platform brings together universities, research institutions and companies that want to apply for international funding. Currently, 491 institutions and innovation companies in 51 countries worldwide are members of Crowdhelix. From all these organisations, research professionals can subscribe as users to the platform, together forming an active community, which currently counts nearly 7.000 users.

Match the right expertise to your project

Crowdhelix is organised in 35 collaborative platforms called “Helixes”. Each Helix focusses on a different theme such as Health, Digital, COVID-19 or Talent. The themes of the Helixes are derived from funding programmes like Horizon Europe or from a need from the community itself. To ensure active participation, each Helix is coordinated by a leading research organisation in their respective field. Helix events are organised for networking and to provide information about upcoming relevant calls.

Because the UG and the UMCG are members of Crowdhelix, all UG and UMCG employees can register as users with their company email address and join as many Helixes as they like. Users can search and post opportunities for specific Horizon Europe funding calls and participate in networking events. 

For maximal exposure it is a good idea to personalise your user profile by adding keywords that highlight your expertise and interests. An intelligent matching system then finds opportunities with the most suitable prospective collaborators, using natural language processing and machine-learning. You can receive opportunities for collaboration  via email, either directly after the post has been published or once a week with a summary of all relevant posts.
It is also possible to create a page on the platform for your own research group/consortium, and use the page to search for specific partners needed for an international project or offer your expertise.

Introduction to Crowdhelix

Want to know more about the functionalities of Crowdhelix? On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Crowdhelix is organising an introduction to the Crowdhelix Platform and its matchmaking capabilities for international funding opportunities. You can register for the webinar via the events page that you can access as a Crowdhelix user.

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